Over $4 million has been provided in grants since 2005

Vaclav F. Mach and Dr. Hanni Mach-GaensslenThe Mach-Gaensslen Foundation of Canada honours the lives of Vaclav F. Mach and Dr. Hanni Gaensslen by supporting research related to the fields of cardiology, oncology, and psychiatry. The foundation supports student research at Canadian medical schools.

The grants not only enable students to conduct medical research during their time at university, but also encourage them to make research an ongoing part of their careers.

MGFC data published in the Journal of Investigative Medicine

The Mach-Gaensslen Foundation of Canada has been providing grants to Canadian medical schools for research in the fields of cardiology, oncology and psychiatry since 2005. 698 students have participated in the Student Grant Program. The students conduct their research and submit a number of questionnaires to the Foundation upon completion. The Foundation has carried on an ongoing data gathering of the questionnaire responses over the years. This data has been reviewed by members of the Clinical Investigators Trainee Association of Canada (CITAC) with the assistance of the Foundation.

The Foundation is pleased to announce that the results have been published in the Journal of Investigative Medicine in a paper entitled "The Role of Non-Government Organizations in Engaging Medical Students in Research" (J Investig Med 2017;0:1-8. doi:10.1136/jim-2016-000348).

The Mach-Gaensslen Foundation of Canada continues to encourage and support medical student involvement in research.

2016 grant recipients

2017 grant application package now available


  Updated 10-02-2017