2014 grant recipients

Recipient institutions

Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (Dr. Wendy Spettigue)
Examining the effectiveness of an online parent psychoeducation intervention for the management of child and adolescent eating disorders: an Ontario multi-site initiative 2014 report [PDF]
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (Dr. Allison Kennedy)
Development and evaluation of a brief group intervention for youth presenting to the ED with mild to moderate suicidal ideation 2014 report [PDF]
Peer Support Accreditation and Certification (Canada) (Stéphane Grenier)
Elevation of the practice of mental health peer support to a formally recognized and nationally accepted method of mental health care that is complementary to clinical care methods and established employee assistance programs 2014 report [PDF]
Memorial University of Newfoundland$25,000
Université Laval$25,000
Université de Montréal$25,000
McGill University$21,875
University of Ottawa$25,000
Queen's University$25,000
University of Toronto$25,000
McMaster University$10,000
University of Western Ontario$25,000
University of Saskatchewan$25,000
University of Alberta$25,000
University of British Columbia$25,000

Student recipients

Memorial University of Newfoundland

StudentTitle of research projectFaculty advisor

Gina ColbourneRadiological imaging appearance of the reconstructed breast; studying DCIS imaging as a precursor for invasive ductal carcinomaDr. Connie Hapgood
Matt EaglesThe effect of MIER1-a on DNA methylation in MCF7 breast cancer cellsDr. Gary Paterno
Chris HoughAssessment of variable temperature fixation on breast biomarker expressionDr. Ken Kao
Dr. Beverly Carter
Catherine NicholsonRetrospective review of outcomes with active surveillance in early prostate cancer at Dr. H.B. Murphy Cancer CentreDr. Jinka Sathya
Andrew O'ConnellAortic Morphology in Rat Offspring of Mothers on Controlled Sodium Diets During PregnancyDr. Bruce Van Vliet
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Université Laval

StudentTitle of research projectFaculty advisor

Rosalie BrocheRole of GAS1 in the response of breast cancer cells to doxorubicinDr. Stephane Gobies
Alexandre Can-MarsRisk factors/mortality and retrospective review study of VSD post AMIDr. Mario Seneschal
Goran RimaPost percutaneous coronary intervention fractional flow reserve clinical outcomes: a meta-analysisDr. Olivier Bertrand
Olivier RoyerStudy of the miral valvular remodeling in aortic regurgitation and its role in the prevention of mitral insufficiencyDr. Jonathan Beaudoin
Julie St-HilaireEffet de l'antagoniste des recepteurs GTA sur la calcification vasculaire chez les rats insuffisants renaleDr. Richard Lariviere
David TurgeonImpact of kidney transplantation on aortic stiffnessDr. Mohsen Agharazii
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Université de Montréal

StudentTitle of research projectFaculty advisor

Josée Anne BoucherCaracterisation des mecanismes d'incorporation d'ARN et de proteines dans les vesicules extracellulairesDr. Eric Lecuyer
Sebastien DangTCF19 and ZNF367 in cell cycle and proliferationDr. Sylvie Mader
Mélanie GirardImmersion and interaction in genomics and personalized medicine Dr. Marie-Pierre Dubé
Sarah LeclaireRelation entre les pensées spontanées et le stress physiologique chez des adultes en santéDr. Sonia Lupien
Marie-Christine RoyCharacterization of the role of PHACRT1 in the endotheliumDr. Guillaume Lettre
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McGill University

StudentTitle of research projectFaculty advisor

Marie-Pier BastrashVon Willebrand factor variations in premature acute coronary syndrome: the contribution of sex, gender and clinical factorsDr. Louise Pilote
Lee Harel-SterlingPharmacological options for stroke prevention among patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI)Dr. Mark Eisenberg
Erin LuxenbergFamily history and relationship styles in patients with mood disordersDr. Nancy Low
Vanessa MassonPredictive value of arterial stiffness in the development of pre-eclampsia (REVEAL)Dr. Stella Daskalopoulou
Andrew RabinovitchIdentification of the unstable carotid atherosclerotic plaque: from bench to clinical practice Dr. Stella Daskalopoulou
Hiromi Tissera Cancer risk: breast, ovarian, endometrial, and cervical cancers in young women with SLE Dr. Sasha Bernatsky
Christina WeisstockUnderstanding the role of the immune response after chemotherapy Dr. Nathalie Johnson
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University of Ottawa

StudentTitle of research projectFaculty advisor

Richard GagnonMolecular profiling to impact the management of pre-B-All: a pilot study Dr. Sarah Sawyer
Justin GodboutInnovative use of AED by RNs and RTs during in-hospital cardiac arrestDr. Christian Vaillancourt
Miso GostimirAn evaluation of pulmonary hypertension in heart failure with preserved ejection fractionDr. Lisa Mielniczuk
Tyler JamesCan supplementation with moringa capsules reduce cholesterol and cardiovascular riskDr. Hugues Loemba
Houman RashidianProspective validation of the postoperative atrial fibrillation prediction score for patients undergoing cardiac surveryDr. Diem T.T. Tran
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Queen's University

StudentTitle of research projectFaculty advisor

Cassandra GrahamPTEN expression in follicular lymphomaDr. David LeBrun
Atul JuidkaCardiology case-based iBookDr. Johri
Annie LangleyDermatologist density and melanoma survivalDr. Linda Levesque
Jessica Lax-VanekVitamin D supplementation for adolescent depression Dr. S. Khalid-Khan
Dr. D. Groll
Alicia RodriguesExercise an as adjunctive treatment for adolescent anxiety disordersDr. Siros Khalid-Khan
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University of Toronto

StudentTitle of research projectFaculty advisor

Mathew AnakaAnalysis of chromosomal translocations in Ewing's sarcoma using next-generation sequencingDr. David Malkin
Rhandi ChristensenAge-related changes in prefrontal brain regionsDr. Nicole Anderson
David CroitoruPre-clinical and biomarker development of novel mitotic kinase inhibitors for prostate cancerDr. David Casey
Dr. Tak Mak
Ali FatehiInduction of oncogenic miRNA by neoadjuvant therapy in esophageal adenocarcinomaDr. Gail Darling
Samantha Hershenfeld Discovery of hidden clinical metabolic genetic syndromes in neuropsychiatric patientsDr. Joyce So
Aled Iaboni Cytomegalovirus reactivation after autologous stem cell transplantation for multiple myelomaDr. Coleman Rotstein
Keith LeeUnderstanding the mechanisms of how statin medications may inhibit prostate cancer development and growthDr. Robert Hamilton
Michael TjongIs there an abscopal effect in early stage lung cancer treated with sterotactic body radiotherapy?Dr. Stephanie Wan
Chechan (David) WangThe invluence of genetic variation on the association between chemopreventive medication use and prostate cancer riskDr. Rob Hamilton
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McMaster University

StudentTitle of research projectFaculty advisor

Kathleen gabrielValidation of microvesicular tumor suppressor PTEN as a novel biomarker for prostate cancerDr. Khalid Al-Nedali
Randa StringerThe role of epigenetics in long-term programming of CVD and NCD risk following prenatal nutritional exposuresDr. Guillaume Paré
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University of Western Ontario

StudentTitle of research projectFaculty advisor

Ernest ChanEnhancing suicide risk assessment and management attitudes, knowledge and skills of rural chinicians Dr. Paul Links
Jeremy ChitpinPalliative care on the heart failure team Dr. Lorelei Lingard
Keegan GuidolinHypodeXRIONrws One-treatment Pre-operative Efficiency (HOPE) Study Dr. Michael Lock
Rochelle JohnstoneSecular trends in the survival and treatment of oral cavity carcinoma Dr. Danielle MacNeil
Yuan QiEconomic evaluation of fluid replacement therapy in patients undergoing cardiac surgeryDr. Ava John-Baptiste
Pei Jun ZhaoClinical application of next generation DNA sequencing in the outpatient clinic settingDr. Robert A. Hegele
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University of Saskatchewan

StudentTitle of research projectFaculty advisor

Dongning Donna FanRetrospective study to evaluate the outcome of stem cell transplant in high risk acute myeloid leukemia Dr. Mohamed Elemary
Prateek Kundapur Efficacy of colonoscopy screening in standard clinical practice - a practice evaluation study in the Saskatoon Health Region Dr. Jennifer Jones
Tingting Li The impact of ethnicity on breast cancer presentations and treatment in SaskatchewanDr. Gary Groot
Evyn Peters Irritability and mood instability in depression Dr. Rudy Bowen
Matthew Smith Discourses of influence and autonomy in physicians' accounts of treatment decision making for early stage breast cancer Dr. Gary Groot
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University of Alberta

StudentTitle of research projectFaculty advisor

Mathieu BelayedBarriers to accessing health services for residents of the Métis settlementsDr. Lorraine Breault
Maria Madalena DeardenMétis perceptions of required health services Dr. Lorraine Breault
Sean GoosIndividual perceptions of depression among the Métis population living on settlements in northern AlbertaDr. Lorraine Breault
Nolan MorleyThe attitudes and beliefs of medical students toward treating LGBTQ populationDr. Lorraine Breault
Roxanne PinsonAn external review of pediatric mental health at the undergraduate level for the English-speaking medical schools across CanadaDr. Lorraine Breault
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University of British Columbia

StudentTitle of research projectFaculty advisor

Khashayar GolbazRole of DISC-1 in axonal transport of mitochondria in individuals with bipolar disorder Dr. Clare Beasley
Elaine HaoOptical coherence tomography identifies coronary artery changes in pediatric transplant recipients Dr. Kevin Haris
Jamil JaverEthnic differences in acute coronary syndrome (ACS) management and health behaviours Dr. Nadia Khan
Michael JewMitochondrial dysfunction in a mouse model of Barth syndrome Dr. Martin Hosking
Davis Sam Efficacy and clinical use of vemurafenib and ipilimumab in a population-based cohort of metastatic melanoma patients Dr. Winson Cheung
Lauren SawatzkyManual segmentation of hippocampal volumes in chronic schizophrenia pre and post exercise Dr. Donna Lang
Harmandeep (Harman) SidhuThe prevalence and incidence of perinatal anxiety, related disorders and new mothers' thoughts of infant harm Dr. Nichole Fairbrother
Gigi TuetUnderstanding persistent antipsychotic polypharmacy (AP): a prevalent practice without evidence Dr. Rick Procyshyn
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