2010 grant recipients

Recipient institutions

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (Dr Lynn Megeney)
2010 report [PDF]
Memorial University of Newfoundland$20,000
Université Laval$20,000
Université de Montréal$20,000
McGill University$20,000
University of Ottawa$20,000
Queen's University$20,000
University of Toronto$20,000
University of Western Ontario$20,000
University of Manitoba$20,000
University of Saskatchewan$20,000
University of Alberta $20,000
University of British Columbia$20,000

Student recipients

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Jessica DowningSurvey of ventricular rate control of atrial fibrillation in elective ECGs in outpatientsDr. Bruce Sussex
Patrick FlemingA systematic review and meta-analysis of low glycemic-index diets for the reduction of cardiovascular disease riskDr. Marshall Godwin
Karen LiFactors affecting recovery of heart function after aggressive therapy in a Heart Failure ClinicDr. Bruce Sussex
Rebecca PowellQuality assessment of rectal cancer patients between 1992 and 2010Dr. W.G. Pollett
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Université Laval

Laura BélandLes facteurs de risque du cancer du sein et la classification modéculaire des tumeurs mamairesDr. Caroline Diorio
Claudie Lavoie-GagnonMécanismes de régulation de la formation des métastases colorectales par la E-sélectineDr. Jacques Huot
Elise Laprise-RochetteInteraction gène-environnement dans le trouble déficitaire du l'attention/hyperactivitéDr. Leila BenAmor
Erick TourignyPrévalence et impact du polymorphisme 2C19*2 sur l'effet anti-plaquettaire du clopidogrel après une angioplastie coronarienneDr. Jean-Pierre Déry
Isabelle Viel-ThériaultÉtude du remodeling ventriculaire post-opératoire chez les patients avec insuffisance aortique et mitrale sévèresDr. Mario Senechal
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Université de Montréal

Julie RivardÉtude des voies de communication astrocyto-vasculaireHélène Girouard
Claire Lavoie-St-AmourImpact du gène PHACTR1 sur un réseau de gènes impliqués dans l'athéroscléroseGuillaume Lettre
Isabelle PoirierImpact de l'activation de la voie de l'hème oxygénase sur le métabolisme énergétique du coeurChristine Des Rosiers
Alexis Rompré-BrodeurEffet de composés thioesters sur l'inactivation de la protéine Lin28, une nouvelle cible pour le développement de thérapies contre le cancerJames G. Omichinski
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McGill University

Robert-James DoonanIdentification of the unstable atherosclerotic plaque: from bench to clinical practiceDr. Stella Daskalapoulou
Marcel EdwardsSystemic inflammation promotes human esophageal cancer metastasis by increasing tumor cell interaction with vascular endothelium via neutrophil-dependent and independent mechanismsDr. David Mulder
Dr. Lorenzo Ferri
Adam FontebassoInvestigation into the mechanism of action of Y-box-protein-1 and its role in the pathogenesis of pediatric astrocytomaDr. Nada Jabado
Tania GiannoneQuantification of the effect of smoking and ovarian hormones on arterial stiffnessDr. Stella Daskalapoulou
Louis-Charles MoreauMyxoid liposarcoma revisitedDr. Robert Turcotte
Patrick SchefflerPre-clinical assessment of potential memory reconsolidation blockers as novel treatments for post-traumatic stress disorderDr. Karim Nader
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University of Ottawa

Helena DhamkoRight ventricular substrate metabolism as a predictor of right heart failure in PAHDr. Lisa Mielniczuk
Alexandre SebaldtResponse profile and genetic polymorphisms in predicting likelihood of bleeding complications in ACS patients undergoing urgent coronary artery by-pass surgeryDr. Derek So
Jeff YooThe modified atrial fibrillation symptom severity scale as a measure of quality of life in ER patients with recent onset A-fibDr. Ian Stiell
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Queen's University

Shahrukh BakarThe role of psychological stress in sudden cardiac deathDr. Anthony J. Sanfilippo
Jasmine LambaCardiac resynchronization therapy in patients with sleep apnea: a systematic reviewDr. Adrian Baranchuk
Ian PlenerNature of evidence in colorectal cancer treatmentDr. Ralph Mayer
Payam Yazdan-AshooriSleep apnea and stroke: is atrial fibrillation the link?Dr. Adrian Barunchuk
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University of Toronto

Lior FlorCystic renal cell carcinoma: tumor growth rates, malignant potential and recurrence in patients following resectionDr. Kartik Jhaveri
Sindu GovindapillaiUsefulness of magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathyDr. Lars Grosse-Wortmann
Sarah Yael IckowiczGenetic determinants of childhood neuropsychiatric disordersDr. Paul Arnold
Stefan KegelPrevelence and characterization of post-thrombotic syndrome after pediatric cardiac surgeryDr. Brian McCrindle
Alexander McGirrPhosphodiesterase 4B missense mutations in psychiatric illnessDr. John Roder
Michelle OlahClinical screening of schizophrenia patientsDr. Anne Bassett
Tiffany Xiao Xia ShaoOncotype DX: a cost-utility analysisDr. Ian Tannock
Darwin YeungDoes discharge counselling decrease heart failure readmissions in Ontario?Dr. Jack Tu
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University of Western Ontario

John BasmajiIdentification of markers of chemotherapy and radiation failure in head and neck squamous cell carcinomaDr. Yoo
Stephanie BorrisGenetic profiling of cardiac rehabilitation patients without classic modifiable cardiac risk factorsDr. Suskin, Dr. Hegele
Sandeep DhaliwalEvaluating the impact of human papillomavirus infection on the epidemiology, quality of life and functional outcomes in head and neck cancer in southwestern OntarioDr. Anthony Nichols
Patricia Hizo-AbesCardiovascular disease after acute gastrointestinal infection: Walkerton Health StudyDr. William Clark
Benjamin LeeCharacterization of tumour angiogenesis by dynamic computed tomography contrast agents of varying molecular weightsKeith St. Lawrence
Yuding WangUrothelial carcinoma of the upper urinary tract shows divergent clonality compared to tumours developing in the bladderDr. Jonathan Izawa
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University of Manitoba

Xiaozhou DuPrevention of accelerated atherosclerosis and ischemic heart disease in the ApoE/NOS3 double-knockout mouse model of the metabolic syndromeDr. Mohammed Moghadasian
Dr. Davinder Jassal
Christopher HobanMental health issues associated with lower extremity complications of diabetesDr. John Embil
Dr. Jitinder Sareen
Signy HolmesAn epidemiological investigation into the role of beta blockers in solid-tissue tumor development, growth and metastasisDr. Gerald Minuk
Ceri RichardsRole of glia maturation factor beta (GMF) in differentiation of the childhood cancer neuroblastomaDr. David Eisenstat
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University of Saskatchewan

Sarfraz Malleck AmodeMastectomy rates at the Saskatoon Cancer Centre - a quality assurance studyDr. Gary Groot
Wala DaoudCritical review of the literature regarding depression, anxiety and mood disorders in pregnant and postpartum First Nations and Indigenous womenDr. Nazeem Muhajarine
Joshua GiambattistaTo evaluate the patient satisfaction in radiation oncology department, Allan Blair Cancer Centre, SK, undergoing external beam radiationDr Rashmi Koul
Yuqi WangHypotension: a possible paraneoplastic syndrome?Dr. A. Saxena
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University of Alberta

Cayla GilbertWhat is the level of knowledge about addiction among on-reserve Enoch youth?Dr. Lorraine Breault
Alim NagjiTheatre and mental health: assessing the impact on medical student well beingDr. Lorraine Breault
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University of British Columbia

Kiley Janine CindrichProgram growth, outcomes analysis and cost-benefit of the pediatric cardiology community partnership programDr. Derek A. Human
Diana Yu DiaoInvestigating the relationship between laser speckle contrast and skinDr. Tim Lee
Bryan Shiu Lun LeeEffect of statins on air pollution induced atherosclerosisDr. Stephan Van Eeden
Ashkan ParsaEndoplasmic reticulum stress in coxsackievirus-inducted myocarditisDr. Decheng Yang
Serena Hoi-Yen SiowFundas autofluorescence of pigmented choroidal lesions: a non-invasive tool to differentiate malignancyDr. Katherine Paton
Geoffrey WaltonThe role of hypoxia in promoting tumour metastasiDr. Kevin Bennewith
Julie WilsonWhy do respiratory infections cause heart attacks?Dr. Don Sin
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