2008 grant recipients

Recipient institutions

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (Dr Lynn Megeney) - see report [PDF]$115,000
Memorial University of Newfoundland$20,000
Dalhousie University-
Université Laval$30,000
Université de Montréal$25,000
McGill University$30,000
University of Ottawa$20,000
Queen's University$30,000
University of Toronto$30,000
University of Western Ontario$25,506
University of Manitoba$30,000
University of Saskatchewan$30,000
University of British Columbia$30,000

Student recipients

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Marisa ChardAtrial fibrillation with pulmonary veins: a systematic review of the current knowledgeDr. Reza Tabrizchi
Natalia HatcherChanges in referral patterns for coronary revascularization: the impact on CABG surgery Dr. Patrick Parfrey
Jim SerajFactor XIII literature reviewDr. Mary Francis Scully
Phil WilliamsStudy of the diagnostic value of Pap cytology when the HPV status of the specimen is known: A proof-of-concept for an HPV vaccination surveillance system Dr. Dan Fontaine
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Dalhousie University

Lauren O'MalleyDoes timeliness of colorectal cancer and breast cancer care impact on outcome? Dr. Geoff Porter
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Université Laval

Valérie MorinÉtude du fonctionnement cérébral chez les enfants atteints du TDAH sous traitement d'atomoxetineDr. Leila Ben Amor
Julie PlaisanceComparer l'évolution clinique des hommes et des femmes octogénaires subissant une angioplastie coronarienne percutanée Dr. Jean-Pierre Déry
Liyue XieBK virus and cancer occurrence in the genitourinary tract after kidney transplant: a study of 2 case reportsDr. Bernard Tetu
Véronique CoutureDiabetes, Advanced Glycation End-Products and Aortic Stiffness in HemodialysisMarcel Lebel
Marie-Michelle Gionet PesImplication of advanced glycation end-products in arterial stiffness in peritoneal dialysis: interest in the measure of skin-autoflourescenceDr. Sophie Ignace
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Université de Montréal

Hannah Beattie Impact of genetic polymorphisms on INR fluctations in patients on warfarin anticoagulation therapy Dr. Marie-Pierre Dubé
Julie CousineauComparison de la microcirculation sublinguale durant la chirurgie cardiaque sous circulation extracorporelle avec la microcirculation sublinguale durant les c hirurgies pulmonaires utilisant la ventilation unilatéraleDr. Thomas Hemmerling; Dr. Fadi Basile
Mira Mitri Electrocortical change after cognitive-behavioural therapy in Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome Dr. Marc E. Lavoie
Bruno TremblayPulmonary redodeling in congestive heart failure Dr. Jocelyn Dupuis
Julie WolffSuperoxide anion detection in a hypertensive model associated with intra-uterine malnutrition in a 28-day-old ratDr. Anne Monique Nuyy
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McGill University

Sarantis AbatzoglouOutcomes in locally recurrent soft tissue sarcoma of the extremities and trunk Dr. Robert Turcotte
Philippe GuevremontA critical assessment of the management of dysphagia in esophaegal cancer patients undergoing neoadjuvant treatmentDr. Lorenzo Ferri
Xiaofeng GuoCullin-3 as a potential novel target for breast cancer chemoprevention and treatmentDr. Gerald Batist
Arushi MangaLow urinary sodium - an indicator for prognosis in ambulatory chronic heart failure patientsDr. Nadia Giannetti
Eric MikhailEffect of neonatal hypoxia on the levels and location of G-proteins and hypoxia induced factor in the adult rat heartDr. Charles Rohlicek
Nina NouraeyanAging of rat mesenchymal stem cellsDr. Dominique Shum-Tim
Melica NourmoussaviA retrospective study of the outcomes in women over 70 with endometrial carcinoma treated at the McGill University Health Centre with a view to determining morbidity and mortality following surgeryDr. Lucy Gilbert
Michael PaciAre children with inattentive ADHD subtype different from children with combined/hyperactive ADHD subtype?Dr. Natalie Grizenko
Matthew ShorofskyIs heat shock protein an autoprotective molecule in heart disease associated with atrial fibrillation?Dr. Stanley Nattel
Brendan TrickeyCanadian newspaper representations of cancer: A comparison between 1988/89 and 2008Dr. S. Robin Cohen
Benjamin WhatleyTranscranial magnetic stimulation and the evaluation of cortical inhibition in Tourette's SyndromeDr. Amir Raz
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University of Ottawa

Catherine BarrettImmunotherapy of B16-delta-51GFPVSV (Vaccinia Syncytial Virus) oncolysate in combination with anti-CTLA-4 in a murine melanoma tumor modelDr. Rebecca Auer
Kathryn KippEffects of smoking on platelet reactivity Dr. Derek So
Rena WangThe effect of radiation therapy on tissue expansion type of Breast Reconstruction Dr. Gloria Rockwell
Melanie StrikeOutcomes of elderly patients who undergo rescue PCIDr. Derek So
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Queen's University

Daniel Au-YeungPatient barriers to oncology clinical trial participationDr. Catherine de Motz
Barbara BielawskaSelf expanding metal stents are safe and effective for colonic obstruction: Experience with long term follow-up from a Canadian centreDr. Lawrence C. Hookey
Jennifer ChungA novel injectable scaffold for cardiac regeneration Dr. Ren-Ke Li
Jonathan LeeEmergency physician referrals to a child and adolescent crisis clinic: who, why and what happensDr. Daphne Korczak
William Finlay McIntyreSleep apnea in patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD)Dr. A. Baranchuk
Pavlo OhorodnykRandomized controlled trials closed early for benefit (RCTCEB): methodology, results and implications Dr. Christopher Booth
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University of Toronto

Heathcliff D'SaFunctional characterization of micro-RNA l06b in head and neck squamous cell carcinomaDr. Fei Fei-Liv
Maryam ElmiKids with coarctationDr. Brian McCrindle
Hana Farhang Khoee The impact of coronary angioplasty on symptoms in patients without detectable ischemiaDr. Alan Barolet
Ines MenjakProphylaxis prevention and treatment of thromboembolic complications associated with paediatric cardiac surgeriesDr. Brian McCrindle
Carly MorinBarriers to adherence to Canadian Cardiovascular Society Guidelines for implantable cardioverter defibrillator referralDr. Paul Dorian
Melanie OstreicherRelational memory formation and use in semantic dementia and alzheimer's diseaseDr. Jennifer Ryan
Julia SharpPharmacokinetics, safety and outcome in phase II clinical trials for paediatric central nervous system tumoursDr. Sylvain Baruchel
Christopher TranRetrospective analysis of off-protocol and palliative dose regimens of conformal radiation therapy for primary hepatocellular carinoma, intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and liver metastasesDr. Laura Dawson
Mitch VainbergLong-term outcomes of PCI on coronary artery bifurcation lesions Dr. Vlad Dzavik
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University of Western Ontario

Ishvinder ChatthaGenotype specific assessment of QT/heart rate adaptation in long QT syndromeDr. Andrew Krahn
David DiodatiOxytocin, social congition and frontotemporal dementiaDr. E. Finger
Vandana KumariMechanisms of radiation-induced oral mucositisAmit Badhwar
Amit RahalkarNovel LPL mutations associated with lipoprotein lipase deficiency: Two case reports and a literature reviewDr. Robert A. Hegele
Raghav RajgopalNovel markers of bladder cancer and the use of the avian embryo as a model of bladder cancerDr. John Lewis
Qi WangBrain tumor invasionDr. Joseph Megyesi
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University of Manitoba

Jane ColishObstructive sleep apnea: effects of continuous airway pressure on cardiac remodeling as assessed by echocardiology, MRI, and cardiac biomarkersDr. Davinder Jassal
Tyler Friesen Role of DLX transcription factors in intestinal development and colorectal cancer Dr. David Eisenstat
Andrea Mazurat Prognostic factors in differentiated thyroid cancer in patients over or below 45 years Dr. K.A. Pathak
Sunit Nagra Evaluation of change in 10 year risk of coronary heart disease in menopausal women followed in the Nature Women's Centre Dr. Richard Boroditsky
Maneesh Sud SMAD4 and caspase-2 are associated with relapse in EVI1+ acute myeloid leukemia patients: evidence from microarray studies and meta-analysis Dr. Mark Minden
Jarret WoodmassTreatment patterns and outcomes of pancreatic cancer in the province of ManitobaDr. M. Andrew McKay
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University of Saskatchewan

Susan Bobbitt Mental health care utilization and psychiatric disorders in childhood and early adolescence of premature babies discharged from the neonatal intensive care unitDr. S. Damodharan
Allison C. Budd Recent experiences in identifying major congenital heart defects by fetal echocardiography in Saskatchewan Dr. Ashok Kakadekar
Tyler Gorman Breast MRI in assessing the extent of disease in new breast cancer diagnosis: the Regina experience Dr. J. Hillis
Brett Graham The Alzheimer disease-related presenilin-1 protein regulates the activity and distribution of the H2O2-generating enzyme monoamine oxidase-A Dr. Darrell Mousseau
Jeffrey Gu Assessment of risk factors in patients with peripheral vascular disease Dr. Brian Ulmer
Tyler S. Lamb Accuracy of oscillometric blood pressure monitors in subjects with atrial fibrillation or frequent extrasystoles Dr. Tom Wilson
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University of British Columbia

Mark Ballard Role of interleukin-6 and the interleukin-6 receptor in particulate matter exposure induce endothelial dysfunction Dr. Stephan F. van Eeden
Brian Banno Expediated access to specialists evaluation (EASE) - Phase 1 Dr. Lee Ann Martin
Elliott Bogusz Computer/gaming station use in children and adolescents in a psychiatric clinic population Dr. Susan Baer
Zhe Amy Fang Identification of molecular prognostic factors in non-small cell lung cancer Dr. Janessa Laskin
Supna Kaur Sandhu Characteristics of patients with extreme hypertriglyceridemia Dr. Gordon Francis
Christina Scali Semi-indivualized informational DVD for breast radiation therapy Dr. Christina Aquino Parsons
Navkiran Sidhu Profiling immune privilege in basal cell carcinomas Dr. Kevin McElwee
Christine Stables BACE 1 and 2 gene expression in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease Dr. Weihong Song
Reina Yao Identification of diagnostic and prognostic molecular markers in thyroid carcinoma Dr. Sam M. Wiseman
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